Guest Post by Jay Swanson, author of White Shores

October 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

Writing is Hard

Not really. I mean it’s about as difficult as talking, it just takes more of a concerted effort. But people really get worked up over writing, especially how hard it is, and then the whining starts. I whine some. I’ll be honest, some days it’s a struggle to write. But writing itself isn’t hard. It’s a simple matter of converting those thoughts bouncing around inside your head into ink on the page. Or pixels on the screen. Unless you have no thoughts, in which case converting them to anything will be difficult.

What’s truly a challenge is actually making yourself sit down and do it. People, including myself, tend to whine a lot more than they write. If you put as much energy into your writing as you did your whining you’d at least get another paragraph or two out of your day. What no one wants to hear is that you’ve always wanted to write a book as if that counted. It’s ok to have always wanted to write a book. And it’s ok to say that. What’s not cool is looking at someone who has done the work of actually writing a book and saying “well I’ve always WANTED « Read the rest of this entry »


Book Review: White Shores by Jay Swanson

September 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I met Jay in Spokane a few years ago and we bonded over sci-fi/fantasy, writing, and nerd-dom in general.  This is his debut novel about Ardin, the last magi, and revenge.  He sets up a great fantasy world with an intriguing combination of technology and magic, and I’m excited to read the rest of the series.  Look it up whether you’re looking for a good fantasy read, or just to support a budding independent author.  It’s practically a steal if you have an e-reader.  You can also head over to his website if you’d like more details, and while you’re there, look and see why he’ll never be as famous as Nathan Fillion.

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